October 15, 2017

Alarm Permits

Kansas City’s alarm ordinance was implemented to reduce the number of police dispatches to false alarms. The ordinance encourages alarm users and alarm businesses to properly utilize alarm systems and to maintain their operational reliability. The ordinance requires that all alarm users obtain an alarm permit from the Police Department. Police response on an alarm activation will be denied until the alarm user has obtained the alarm permit.

To obtain an alarm permit the alarm user will need to submit an alarm permit application along with the $45 permit fee. It can be mailed along with a check or money order made payable to the Board of Police Commissioners to : Kansas City Police Department Alarm Administrator 1125 Locust Kansas City, MO 64106. Credit cards also are now accepted and can be taken over the phone, in person, or the card number can be mailed in with the permit.

Download Alarm Permit Application

The renewal fee is based on the number of false alarms occurring at the site during the alarm year.  For residential permits the renewal is automatic and free if there are two or few false alarms during the permit year.  Three or more false alarm dispatches during the year makes the renewal fee $49 per false alarm up to a maximum of $147.

Alarm user awareness classes are available throughout the year through the Police department.  Contact the Private Alarm Section at 816-889-1493 for details and reservations.