July 23, 2018

Sprayground set to open August 9

Construction of the sprayground at 41st and Gillham/Kenwood is almost complete! There will be a ribbon cutting event on Thursday, August 9, at 11 a.m. Further details on this event to come.

For more information from KC Parks, click here.

For previous blog posts concerning the sprayground, click here.

To view details about the original proposal, published in 2015, click here.

June 28, 2018

Block Parties are a Great Way to Get to Know Your Neighbors

This feature originally appeared in the May/June issue of the Hyde Parker.

At the March neighborhood meeting, North Hyde Park Rep Chad Moore shared information and ideas for hosting block parties. Planning a block party with your neighbors helps you get to know the people living on your street, and a well-connected street makes for a safer neighborhood. Some Hyde Park blocks host annual parties, some invite neighbors from surrounding streets, and others keep things smaller by inviting just the neighbors on their block. If you’re interested planning a block party for your street, permit applications are available online at kcmo.gov/publicworks/permits. Applications must include the signatures of at least 60% of your block and should be submitted one month prior to the event. The HPNA Social Committee has put together some tips and other helpful information to get you started.

Visit the HPNA Blog at hydeparkkc.org/blog to find out more, or you can contact Chad Moore at northrep@hydeparkkc.org if you need more guidance in planning your event.

North Hyde Park block party!

June 27, 2018

Advisory: Parking/traffic impacts for Armour Blvd related to completion of bike lane project.

Starting the week of Monday, June 11th, parking and traffic impacts will occur on Armour Boulvard to make way for work related to the completion of the parking-protected bike lanes on Armour Boulevard. Crews will begin permanent striping activities from Broadway to Main and continue to work eastward. As a result, lane reduction and on street parking impacts will occur in block by block sections.

The City asks that the public obeys the “No Parking” signs that will be placed along the corridor in advance of the work. The work will be completed by July 30th.

We have appreciated your patience and understanding as crews waited for the new street surface to cure before permanently striping the roadway. The new road configuration includes bike lanes in both directions, on street parking lanes and one travel lane in each direction for motorists. The bike lane is located between the parking lane and curb and motorists should not park in the bike lane.

We appreciate your patience with this temporary inconvenience as we improve the roadway and make it safer for you and your neighbors!

To see a rendering of the new streetscape set up and for more information on the project, please visit kcmo.gov/bikekc.

June 26, 2018

Rental property owners still have time to register/update property information

The City of Kansas City, Missouri, is reminding rental property owners to register, update, and verify information on their properties. Rental property must be registered annually as part of the Rental Registration and Inspection Program established 10 years ago.

“This registry is an important tool for the City to help neighborhoods fight blight and negative factors affecting their community,” said Mayor Pro Tem and 1st District At-Large Councilman Scott Wagner. “Knowing who the responsible parties are allows us to work toward solutions more quickly before problems get worse.”

Rental property owners are required to register with the Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department each year and registration can be completed online. Owners need to create a login before their rental property can be registered. Failure to register rental property results in monthly fines and administrative fees.

Vacant rental property also needs to be registered and can be registered online through the city’s website.

For more information, media can contact Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department Communications/Community Liaison John Baccala at (816) 513-3202. Rental property owners needing assistance can contact Carla Finch at (816) 513-9039.

June 25, 2018

City issues Year-One “Report Card” on GO KC

25 projects launched in first year of $800 capital improvements program

The City of Kansas City has issued a report card that shows 25 projects are either underway or completed one year after voters overwhelmingly supported an $800 million capital improvements program to remake the city’s infrastructure over the next 20 years.

The 4-page report card is snapshot of progress as of May 1, and is available online for residents to view or print if they want to share at neighborhood meetings. The City also released a companion video that highlights the progress of the GO KC Program.

“This is something we promised to provide the City Council and the general public last May, right after the election, so this is just a convenient way to let everyone see we’re moving forward and being good stewards of their tax dollars,” City Manager Troy Schulte said.

The City has held several groundbreakings to announce the start of projects, repaired fountains and sponsored open houses to gather public input before construction for additional projects. A citywide sidewalk repair program also was launched in the first year, removing the financial burden on property owners to address the critical need to improve pedestrian safety throughout the City.

In addition to the annual report card, the City created the GO KC Project Explorer in Open Data KC, which allows residents to track progress and review details of ongoing projects. Complete information is also available at kcmo.gov/gokc.

For more information, please contact Chris Hernandez, City Communications Director, at 816-513-3474.

June 24, 2018

HPNA Code of Conduct

Kansas City’s Hyde Park is a diverse neighborhood filled with neighbors of all ages, race, sexual orientation and socioeconomic standing.  The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association Board values and promotes this diversity and the conversations that are essential to develop understanding and neighborhood cohesion.  Divisive, mean and outrageous words or diatribes do nothing to promote this goal and have no place in the civil discourse required to resolve neighborhood issues.

With this goal in mind, the Board has established the following Code of Conduct that will be in place for all Board, General, Committee and ad hoc meetings.  All official newsletters, emails and social media posts will be crafted with these goals in mind. The Board will also ask the moderators and leads of the “unofficial” social media groups to apply the same Code of Conduct to the discussion that they moderate.

Hyde Park Neighborhood Association (HPNA) Code of Conduct

  • All community members should conduct themselves in a professional and civil manner.
  • All participants should treat others with  respect regardless of the other’s opinion, ethnicity, race, religion, religious  belief or non-belief, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, age, disability, marital status, income, homeowner status, renter status or political affiliation.
  • Participants should not engage in or threaten to engage in any physical attack on any other individual.
  • Participants should not use language that is threatening, obscene, or slanderous, including profanities, insults or other disparaging remarks or gestures directed toward other participants.
  • Participants should promote and, if necessary, enforce a safe meeting environment. If participants are disruptive or violate the Code of Conduct, other participants should demand that the offending participant conduct  themselves in a respectful and orderly manner.
  • Violators of the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave a meeting, event, or subject to removing a social media post
  • Participants should be respectful when called in for problematic language or behavior, and be open to listening and learning. They should recognize that the impact of their words may be different from their intent.
  • Participants should be constructive when addressing any problematic language or behavior, and proceed with the assumption that all participants care for one another and are open to resolving any harm their language or behavior may cause.
  • Participants should not engage in “bullying” or harassment which is generally defined as follows:
    • “Bullying” is conduct that meets all of the following criteria:
      • Is reasonably perceived as being dehumanizing, intimidating, hostile, threatening, or otherwise likely to evoke fear of physical hand or emotional distress;
      • Is directed at one or more participants;
      • Is conveyed through physical, verbal, or technological means;
      • Substantially interferes with participation opportunities, benefits, or programs of one or more participants at sponsored activities or events;
      • Adversely affects the ability to participate in or benefit from the HPNA programs or activities by placing the participant in reasonable fear of physical harm or by causing emotional distress;
    • “Harassment” is conduct that meets all of the following criteria:
      • Is reasonably perceived as being dehumanizing, Intimidating, hostile, threatening, or otherwise likely to evoke fear of physical harm or emotional distress;
      • Is directed at one or more participant;
      • Is conveyed through physical, verbal, or technological means;
      • Substantially interferes with participation opportunities, benefits, or programs of one or more HPNA sponsored activities or events;
      • Adversely affects the ability to participate in or benefit from the HPNA programs or activities because the conduct, as reasonably perceived by the participant, is so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive as to have this effect.

If you have questions or concerns about the Code of Conduct, please contact a HPNA board member.

June 9, 2018

Central City Economic Development Sales Tax Board accepting project proposals

The Central City Economic Development Sales Tax Board is requesting proposals for economic development projects along the Prospect Avenue corridor. The approved projects will be funded by the one-eighth-cent sales tax that Kansas City, Missouri, voters passed in April 2017.

This tax will run for 10 years and is expected to generate about $10 million annually. The tax receipts will fund economic development in the area bounded by Ninth Street on the north, Gregory Boulevard on the south, the Paseo on the west and Indiana Avenue on the east.

Several public meetings were held so that residents could share their thoughts with the board, which actively sought to obtain as much feedback as possible before officially requesting submissions.

Selection criteria will include the experience and capacity of the team, financial feasibility, leveraging capability, and the positive impact on the community. The issue, which landed on the ballot through an initiative petition, was backed by a coalition of groups concerned with a lack of commercial and residential investment in this core part of the City.

Proposals will be accepted between June 1 and Aug. 2 (4 p.m. deadline). The form can be downloaded from the City’s website at kcmo.gov/cced. Forms also can be obtained via email from centralcitysalestax@kcmo.org or from the 4th floor of City Hall.

The five-member board appointed to provide recommendations for spending the money will review each completed proposal before presenting the top candidates to the City Council to approve. The board members are: Keith Brown, Ron Finley, Herb Hardwick, Melissa Patterson-Hazley and Donna Wilson.

For  more information, contact CCED Staff Liaison Jennifer Tidwell at 816-513-3037.

June 8, 2018

City urges pet owners to take precautions during extreme summer weather

With temperatures rising, the city’s Animal Health & Public Safety Division encourages pet owners to keep a close eye on their ‘furry friends’ to keep them safe this summer. Animal health officers have the followings tips:

  • Keep your pet hydrated by providing it with plenty of water. Keep pets out of the sun and preferably indoors. Be careful not to over-exert them.
  • Symptoms of pet overheating include: excessive panting/difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, weakness, stupor, collapse, seizures, bloody diarrhea, vomit and body temperatures higher than 104 degrees.
  • Animals with flat faces (i.e. Pugs and Persian cats) are more susceptible to heat stroke because they cannot pant as effectively. These types of pets, along with elderly, overweight and/or sick pets, should be kept in air-conditioned settings as much as possible.
  • Do not keep pets in a parked vehicle – not only can this quickly lead to fatal heat stroke, it is illegal.
  • Give your pet a haircut to help prevent overheating. Hair should be shaved to one-inch length, but never down to the skin, as fur offers sun protection. Brushing your cat frequently can help prevent problems caused by excessive heat.

If anyone sees a pet in distress, call (816) 513-1313, the 311 Center or the non-emergency police dispatch line (816) 234-5111 and an animal health officer will be dispatched to the scene.

More information on keeping your pet safe this summer can be found on the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) website at www.aspca.org .

Media can contact Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department Communications/Community Liaison John Baccala at (816) 513-3202 or John.Baccala@kcmo.org

June 7, 2018

Municipal Court improves online payments

New online payment vendor and convenience fee start June 4

Paying your Municipal Court tickets online is about to become even more convenient. Starting Monday, June 4, customers will be able to go online to pay multiple tickets in one transaction.

The court is switching to JetPay, which already handles all other online City payments, so the upgrade should be seamless. JetPay will charge a convenience fee of 2% of the total amount due in addition to a 25 cents transaction fee that applies whether you’re paying one ticket or several at once.

The convenience fee goes directly to JetPay and is not retained by Municipal Court or the City. Online payments can be made with a credit or debit card. There is no fee to search for cases, court dates, bond information or to request a continuance online.

To pay Municipal Court tickets without incurring the convenience fee you may either:

  • Pay in person Monday through Friday at Violations Bureau on the first floor of the courthouse at 511 E. 11th St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.You may pay with cash, check, money order, or credit or debit card.
  • Mail a check or money order for the amount payable to “Municipal Court” to P.O. Box 219381, Kansas City, MO 64121-9381. Please write the ticket number(s) of the ticket you are paying in the memo field.

The Court does not accept payments over the phone. Partial or installment payments must be made by mail or in person and cannot be made online.

For more information, contact Benita Jones, public information officer for the Municipal Court, at 816-513-6711 or Benita.Jones@kcmo.org.