May 3, 2018

City improves pedestrian safety in Brookside Neighborhood

New HAWK signal makes crosswalks easier to navigate

The City is upgrading a popular crosswalk. Since many people walk, run, and bike across 63rd Street near Brookside Plaza, the City has installed a HAWK signal to make the crossing safer for all.

A HAWK (high-intensity activated crosswalk signal) helps control vehicular traffic at mid-block crosswalks. The signal is equipped with a voice-command system to aid the visually impaired. Pedestrians can push the button to activate the signal and proceed when a walk sign is displayed, just like a regular traffic-signal crossing.

Here’s what drivers crossing at a HAWK signal need to know:

  1. Flashing yellow begins – slow down
  2. Solid yellow – prepare to stop
  3. Solid red – stop and stay stopped
  4. Flashing red traffic signal – stop, then proceed with caution if no one is present in the crosswalk

There already are several HAWK signals strategically located around the City. A few locations include 37th and Main, near Children’s Mercy Hospital on Gillham Road, and on Meyer Boulevard east of Troost.

The upgrades include new ADA curb ramps and improved sidewalks and are funded by 6th District PIAC dollars. The City’s Public Works department will monitor the new signal and make any needed adjustments.

For more information, please contact Public Works Public Information Officer Beth Breitenstein at or by phone at 816-513-2612.