April 8, 2018


The below items for the Gillham Road Improvement Plan (GRIP) have already been completed. In the poll, which can be found by clicking here, please rank which of the remaining items are of the highest priority to you and your neighbors.


  •  Build of Play Area 2-5 years at 38th
  •  Tennis court improvements at 39th
  •  Build of Play Area 2-12 years at 41st
  •  Spray Ground at 41st (to complete fall 2018)
  •  Pedestrian Trail along Kenwood
  •  Removal of Swimming Pool Restrooms
  •  Improvements to Lower Pedestrian Trails 42nd to Brush Creek
  •  Addition to Pedestrian Trails 36th to 38th

To read the full GRIP, please visit this link: https://hydeparkkc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Develop-Presentation.pdf