July 23, 2019

Statements from KCPD and Mayor regarding recent ICE arrests

The HPNA has been asked to share the following statements regarding recent ICE arrests in Kansas City. More information about the arrest referenced by KCPD can be found in this KCUR article.

From the KCPD:

Regarding the July 22 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stop that was filmed and shared on Facebook live: This action was initiated by ICE and not by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. ICE agents had requested help from KCPD officers. Our role was only to observe and assist if necessary. KCPD officers did not break the vehicle’s window, did not remove the driver and did not transport him to any KCPD facility.

We regularly respond to requests for assistance from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies that are working in Kansas City, Mo. We will continue to provide this assistance, not only for the safety of the other law enforcement members but also for the community. Our officers know our city and the people who live here best and can provide valuable information and assistance to both outside officers/agents and community members. Keeping the peace is our top priority.


From Mayor Sly James:

There has been a lot of concern and many questions regarding an ICE arrest in KC on Monday–This issue is about politics and the hate-filled ideologies of the current administration in Washington. Kansas City welcomes everyone. This is our city, and these are our neighbors and our friends. We look out for each other. We mourn together, and we celebrate together. And we must continue to stand together to demand equal justice under the law for all our residents, no matter where we come from or how we got here.